Eating Placenta

Have you eaten your own placenta? someone elses? anyone you know eating placenta after their birth?

This apparently is a practice for new moms! No shit!

It sounds good. It sounds bad.

The trend is to eat your own placenta. You bake it, dry it, encapsulate it, and then take it as a daily supplement. It is supposed to ward off baby blues, PPD, provide increase breastmilk availability, and overall be awesome.

Heck. I don’t know. I might try it. I did try breastmilk in my smoothies after our second was born (leftovers that would go bad, I’m no monster). It was awesome though! Gave me superpowers! #Truth

But eating ground up placenta? I just don’t know.

You can start with info at WedMD.   You can read a little more here. and another perspective here. And even more information about the placenta eating here.  Also, google that shit!


What do you think? Because I have no freakin’ clue! Is this worth it? not worth it? or inconsequential either way and trying it out would be safe anecdotal advice???

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I will get to try this…. then again, maybe not.

Who knows. Thoughts?  Take our survey and add comments if you have an opinion!


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