7 Things I Learned the First Week of Home Pre-K

1) Planning is crucial.  hahahahahaha!  it’s funny because I didn’t do it.  at all.  That was dumb. This created stress.  The truth is, I will now develop an outline of the weekly and daily lessons.  This doesn’t have to take forever, or be all detailed and shit.  It just has to be some words on paper, LOL, paper….. it just has to be some words on your laptop or ipad.  Also, weekly themes are good!  Not only are they cohesive, they can reallllly help you come up with fun and engaging ideas for activities.  I also suggest creating a daily schedule, posting it to see, and actually using it.  It will make things mo’ betta!

2) You will spend a lot of time making food.  This seems like a no-brainer, but holy crapola! Maybe it’s just because I want to give my kiddos every chance I can to live happy and healthy – which often strongly correlates to happy, so there’s that.  Look, I’m definitely not making any gourmet, Giada at home type nonsense.  But I am providing essential nutrients and making it enjoyable. #kid-edible. I have learned planning all meals is necessary.

3) People don’t respect teachers nearly enough.  Seriously, can we get on top of making teaching and teachers a priority and stop dicking them over?!! wtf man. wtf.  Whether or not you believe the children are our future, and that we have to, teach them well and let them lead they way (show them all the beauty they possess insiiide).  It is fact.  You get old and die, children grow and lead.  Then when they are adults, they get old, but hopefully they will teach and provide a better life every new generation.  Because there will always be kids and they will always become our peers.  *steps down from pedestal. Thank you beyond words teachers of the world.

4) You are enmeshed in your neighborhood.  There’s no getting around it now.  You are home.  All the time.  Be there, be respectful, and gossip like you’ve tapped into Chelsea Handler’s brain.

5) Keep your teaching time limited and moving.  There is nothing worse than spending all that time and energy on preparation just to have you and your child frustrated at each other because you’re acting all like a drill sergeant.  Take a gander at our daily schedule as an example… never spend too much time on one thing.  You will be happier and your kiddo will actually learn more.

6) Sleep fucking matters.  In between the excitement of this new journey, you’re preparation, and trying to fit in some me time, you will want sleep.  You will need sleep.  Remember trying to function at your job sleep-deprived?  Yeah, it sucks worse here.  Those sweet little fuckers are non-stop energetic and inquisitive as all get out.  Which brings me to my next point

7) This is awesome!  Day in & day out, you will constantly be rewarded with some of the coolest moments in your kiddo’s growth.


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